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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Dog Person for the month of April.

Jennie with CJ, Eddie and Sancho

Meet Jennie Fajardo-Panes,  the awesome owner of Pup Culture located at
Jennie is a dog charmer, she is capable of making dogs fall in love with her. I think they can sense her genuine love for the canine clan. Aside from being an entrepreneur, she is also busy with other charity events like the doctor dog program of Philippine Animal Welfare Society, in fact her dog Eddie is already a certified doctor dog.
Dr. Dog Eddie

Pup Culture CSR Activity
Doc Eddie and his assistant CJ, donating some dog food at PAWS
Jennie is also a volunteer at Philippine Animal Welfare Society, which proves that her love for dogs, is not only for the pure bred but also for the Aspins.
Jennie with the shelter dogs
Jennie with Nita Lichauco of PAWS
Jennie and her rescued dog Q
 Jennie is also joining dog agility competitions, to bond with her dogs and to gain new friends.
CJ the Jumper
Flying dog Eddie
Agility Practice
Eddie and CJ, after the Pet Express fun run
Jennie is not only in love with her dogs, she extends her love to her client's dogs as well. Here are some of the cutest Pup Culture dogs.
Giveaways for the Halloween party
Willow, no wonder Katy Perry is her peg
Bratley, dog caterpillar
Max, the cheerleader

Birthday Boys, Dr. Gin and Lucky
Itah's Birthday treats
Itah, the birthday girl
Bratley's 2nd birthday
The Birthday Boy
The lovers, Shaina and Sancho
Max and his blue ball
The pack
Pack Huddle
Dogs loves Jennie
So if you need to leave your dog because you are going to work, or going out of the country, try the day care center of Pup Culture, your dog will surely enjoy his stay at the center, and he would be able to gain a lot of furry friends.

If you are interested regarding Pup Culture, kindly leave me a message, and i will give you the contact info of Jennie.

Please feel free to leave me a message, in case you wanted to give any suggestions.

Pictures were grabbed from Jennie's Facebook with her permission. :)


  1. Good choice for the Dog Person of the Month! But wish it were more than a month. Lol! I like the words you chose to describe her- dog charmer. Indeed! :)

  2. Thank you for appreciating my blog Crazy-Nunu, Jennie is indeed a dog charmer :) I love stalking her photos because I love seeing her with the dogs, and I applaud her for being a good trainer, she doesn't use dominance on dogs and still they follow her. I just love how the dogs look at her as their pack leader :)


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