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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Dog Star: Shawn Yao of TV5

I am featuring one of the hottest female newscaster in the Philippines. She ranked number 2 in Spot.ph top ten Hottest TV Newswoman in the Philippines last 2010. She is currently in a relationship with rocker Ely Buendia.

Shawn Yao is a TV journalist for TV5.She is also a model, pilates enthusiast, photographer, an editor for Uno Magazine, an owner of two French Bulldogs named Rosie and Fabian, and a certified Dog Lover.
Shawn and Rosie
She used to live in a house with a Garden with Golden Retrievers and a Beagle. She really wanted to have a Bulldog, so she researched about the breed. Then, she was able to stumble upon an article regarding French Bulldogs, and she was  happy to know that it is a good apartment dog.
She considers her dogs funny and sweet, but they still have their own personalities. According to Shawn, her dogs know how to cheer her up, she also allow her furbabies to sleep on her bed, they also have their own nanny.


Her dogs are not very active, but they are very playful. They are not demanding for attention, they are already happy just sitting with her on the couch, there are also times wherein she brings her dogs to work because TV5 is a pet friendly place.

Fabian and Rosie
She usually go to Bow and Wow Shangrila for her dog's needs, but most of the time she resorts to online shopping for her dogs stuffs.
French Bulldogs are prone to heat stroke, they snore loudly and they also fart a lot. She feeds them kibbles that were specifically formulated for the breed, her dogs are also given a little bit of boiled meat, rice and vegetables during lunch and kibbles during dinner.

 She recommends the breed to people who have small spaces, house with small children and those people who are depress.

Fabian is a lot sweeter than Rosie. Rosie on the other hand is a little aloof most of the time.
Shawn believes that some people don't realize that having a dog is a big responsibility, because dog's don't really grow up, and they will always depend on their owners, they will look at their owners for everything. 


She said that her dogs makes her happy. And she owes her smile to them.

Everything was obtained from Shawn Yao herself, with the help of a common friend who prefers to be anonymous.

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