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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Endal the Dog of the Millenium

Source: http://www.endal.co.uk/

Following a serious Head injury suffered while serving in the Royal Navy during the Gulf war and after three years in Hospital and rehabilitation the sum of my condition was that - I could not recall getting married, the birth of my children and I had lost about 50% of my history. (none of which has ever come back!). My speech was awful and my behavior bizarre.  My memory then and now lasts about two days and I'm dependent on a wheelchair for  mobility.
Because of my own self pity, anger and bitterness I was stuck in the darkest soulless place a person can ever be - void of  any hope!!. Without the emotions Love, Hate, Happiness or Sadness I was beyond human help, even out of the  reach of my loving wife and two young children. I defended myself from people by being horrible and rude, that way I could be left alone.
One Dog cut right through that defensive Armour and saw the real Allen Parton.
Like a shinning star Endal came bounding into that dark place and touched  my very heart.  He just said to me with those Doggie eyes "hold onto my tail and I'll pull you out of here, at your pace and with no conditions". He has to this day never stopped pulling. His unconditional love has healed so many of the hurts, his mischief making brought laughter into my saddest days and his zest for life has rubbed off on to me.
He never judges me, he never looks away because of my condition and his aiding of me when I at my weakest makes us both an invincible team. I can put my hand out to my side day or night and he is always there. He has taught me to love, laugh and live again.

Endal is the first dog in the world who learned how to use a cash point.

Endal is the most decorative dog in the world.


Speaking of Assistance Dogs, there is an upcoming Japanese Film entitled "Quill the life of a guide dog", and based on the trailer, it seems that this film is comparable to Hachiko, be sure to have a lot of Kleenex when you watch this film.

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