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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Is your dog a k9 genius?

This 5 steps will determine whether your canine should go to Harvard or just lay around your house.
Grabbed from Petsmart
 The series of test will identify your dog's adaptive intelligence- the ability to solve problems understand language and learn social cues, like responding to a human smile. 

The test were devised by Dr.Stanley Coren, professor of psychology at the University of British Columbia. 

1. Use your own dog, at least one year old, and living with you for at least 3months.
2. The tests should be like a game for your dog.
3. You must remain calm, don't raise your voice, act disgusted or over excited.
4.You can only do the test once or twice for scoring purposes. 
5.The test can be given separately and in any order. Because they're mostly based on food reward it may be better to give them over a number of sessions so the dog doesn't end up full of food and tired, both of which will affect it's motivation and performance, and it's IQ score. 

Test 1: Food under the can 

This is a test of your dogs problem solving skills.

Things you will need:
-An empty can
-Some desirable tidbit your dog likes to eat
-A stop watch

1.First ask your dog to sit, or asked someone to hold him by the collar.
2.Show your dog the tidbit of food, and let it sniff it. 
3.Then with the dogs full attention slowly place the tidbit on the ground about two meters away from him, and invert the can over the tidbit.
4.Start timing and encourage your dog to get the food under the can. 
If the dog knocks the can over and gets the tidbit in 5 seconds or less------ 5points
If the dog knocks the can over and gets the tidbit in 5-15 seconds------------4 points
In 15-30 seconds------------------------------------------------------------------------------3 points
In 30-60 seconds------------------------------------------------------------------------------2 points
If the dog sniffs around the can, but did not get the bait after 60 secs---------1 point for effort 

Test 2: Dog under towel or blanket

This is another test of your dogs problem solving skills.

Things you will need:
-a large towel, or blanket
-a stopwatch 

1. Your dog must be awake and reasonably active during the time of the test.
2. Let the dog sniff the towel.
3. With a quick smooth motion throw the towel over the dogs head, so he's head and shoulders are completely covered. Start timing and watch silently.
This is not the right way to conduct the test, LOL
1. If the dog frees itself in 5 seconds or less-------------------------------5 points
2. in 5-15------------------------------------------------------------------------------4 points
3. in 15-30----------------------------------------------------------------------------3 points
4. in 30-60----------------------------------------------------------------------------2 points
5. if the dog was not able to free himself after 60 seconds------------1 point for effort 

Test 3: Can your dog recognize a smile? 

This is a test of social learning 

Things you will need:
-The ability to smile 

1.Pick a time your dog is sitting about 2 meters away from you.
2. The dog must not have been told to stay or sit.
3. Stare intently into your dogs face-when your dog looks at you, count silently to 3 seconds and then smile broadly. 
Smile and the world will smile with you :)
If your dog comes to you with his wagging tail-----------------------------------------------5 points
If your dog comes slowly or only part of the way, with no tail wagging-----------------4 points
If your dog stands still or rises to a sitting position, but does not move towards you------3 points
If your dog moves away from you------------------------------------------------------------------2 points
If your dog pays no attention------------------------------------------------------------------------1 point 

Test 4: Food under Towel

This is a more complex problem solving test, it demands cleverness at moving objects.

Things you will need:
-A hand towel
-A substantial size tidbit your dog likes to eat
-A stop watch

1. Sit your dog, or have someone hold him by the collar.
2. Show your dog the food and let him sniff it.
3. With the dogs full attention slowly place the food on the ground about two meters away from him. Whilst the dog watches, cover the food with the towel.
4. Start timing and encourage your dog to get the food. 

If your dog retrieves the food in 15 seconds or less--------------------------------5 points
If your dog retrieves the food in 15-30 seconds--------------------------------------4 points
In 30-60 seconds------------------------------------------------------------------------------3 points
If your dog tries to get the food, but gives up------------------------------------------2 points
If your dog doesn't even try to retrieve it within two minutes-----------------------1 point 

Test 5: Does your dog know his name?

This is a test of Language Comprehension.

Things you will need:
-The ability to say random words, as if you were calling your dog.
-Your dog has to have a name.

1. Your must be settled comfortably around two meters in front of you.
2. In the voice tone you use to call your dog call "refrigerator"
If the dog shows some response to come------------------------------3 points
If the dog does not come, call "movies" in the same tone. If the dog comes--------------------2 points
If the dog still has not responded call it's name. If the dog comes or shows any tendency to move to you--------------------------------------------------------------------------5 points
If the dog has not moved, call it's name a second time, if he comes------------4 points
If the dog still doesn't come---------------------------------------------------1 point

Add up your dogs score on each of the test and find out if you've got a genius dog.

Over 25 points---- Your dog is genius, Harvard would like to include him on their scholar's list
15-25 points------Your dog is smart, but won't go to Harvard
5-15 points---- Your dog is not too bright, but he is definitely cute
below 5 points----- Your dog, may not be blessed with an intelligent mind, but he is definitely blessed with a loving heart.

 Always remember that you are not supposed to make your dog a semi human, but you are always welcome to be partly dog, in that case you will be happier. :) 

Now, let me share with you the events that Filipino Dog lovers can enjoy this May.

1. Nosey Pups and Pup dogs are welcome to watch and I think assisting in scentwork trial is very much welcome...
The Philippine Association of Canine Scentwork (PACSW) has released the schedule of the first ORT (Odor Recognition Test) for the year 2012.

The ORT is a requirement for all dogs competing in scentwork at the PACSW Scentwork Trial at the P...MRAI-PPDSA Mayor Jun Binay Cup on May 12.
Venue - Pup Culture, Taguig City
May 5, 2012 (Friday) at 7PM
May 7, 2012 (Sunday) at 7PM

Here is the link for PACSW:  https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=208355015947574&set=a.200138286769247.44794.193500634099679&type=1

2. REGISTRATION IS ON-GOING at Pup Culture for the first Urban Relay Race of the Philippine Performance Dog Sport Association (PPDSA, Inc.) together with the Philippine Mondio Ring Association. This is happening on 12 May 2012 at the Ayala Triangle.

“Do More With Your Dog”

The main purpose of this event is to introduce new handlers and dogs to the basics of dogs sport (i.e. agility, obedience, flyball, etc.) and to further enhance teamwork in a fun and lighter atmosphere to those who have been doing dog sport already. For the new handlers, they will have a feel of the basics of doing dog sport and competition and nurture an interest to getting into dog sport in the future.

- Team of 3 Relay Race (for adult or pups 9 months up)
- Individual Race (for pups 6 months up and adult dogs)

- Dog Maze (Lure and Guide Course)
- Jumps (Agility Hurdles)
- Tunnels
- Hoop Jump (Tire jumps)
- Spiral Cone (Heeling/Rally-O)

Fees are Php200 per dog
Early registration of a team of 3 dogs before May 10, 2012 will have a Php50 discount per dog.

To register, please submit the following:
-Dog’s Name
-Breed, Gender and Date of Birth
-Owner/Handler’s Name (handlers must be at least 10 years old to handle the dog in the ring, handlers between 10-12 years old needs to be accompanied by an adult)
-Contact no. and email address

Please pay to any PPDSA/PMRAI officers/Pup Culture/Urban Sports K9 member.

3. There is going to be a relay race on May 12 (Saturday) 2-5PM at the Ayala Triangle. This is going to be fun! No training needed.

Just create a group of 3 and run through the obstacles one by one and the first group to finish wins

To join, you can register at Pup Culture. Registration fee per dog is Php200.00 but if you are able to form a group of 3, you will be given 20% off each dog. We will give you a coupon and just present it at the registration booth at Ayala Triangle on the day of the games.

For those who have trained for agility and obedience already, you may join the Jumpers division and Obedience Trials. Same registration fee applies for each division.

Hoping you would be able to join! This is going to be fun! !

For inquiries you can call Jennie at 09178570899.
 Now I will be providing you with dog toys that will test their intelligence, the pictures were grabbed from Wooden Gate :)
Agility course
Weave Poles
Dog Tornado
Doggie Boomballs
If you are interested with any of the said products, kindly send me a message so that I can give you the contact details of Wooden Gate 

If you have any questions, suggestions, or violent reactions regarding this blog, please send me an email at akvicencio@gmail.com 


  1. Hi! I would like to ask you for the info on where to get the bars and the weave poles. I am sure that my beagles would love those! Thanks in advance :)

    1. Hi Andy,

      Thank you for visiting my blog, you can get the bars and weave poles from Wooden Gate. Are you from Manila? I believe he can also ship the item if in case you are located outside Manila. Please email me at akvicencio@gmail.com, so that I can give you his contact number.


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