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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Touched by an angel.

My Grandmother used to tell me that love can change everything, love can tame even the fiercest beast, and love can make everything beautiful.
I am about to share to you the story of Osleck, a 7 year old  Lhasa Apso from Cavite. He was abandoned by his owners at the house of two elderly couples, who are no longer capable of taking good care of him, he have a mate named Nano a 6 years old Shih tzu. Just 2 days ago, the elderly couple have announce that the 2 dogs are up for adoption, and if the 2 will not be adopted, the 2 will just be destroyed. 
Osleck before
A lot of Facebok users, extended what they can to help Osleck, until an angel was sent by God in the name of Mr. Jefferson Untalan, he decided to adopt the poor dog and give him a loving home. If you look at Osleck, you will see that he is not in his best physical appearance, and that made me realized that only a true dog lover would want to take him home. So kudos to Mr. Jefferson Untalan, you are a role model that deserves around of applause. 
Mr. Untalan and Osleck after his matted fur was cut off.
I am sure that with the loving hands of the Untalan family, Osleck would be able to recover, he can finally enjoy the rest of his senior life. 

Now, I will be sharing with you the photos that I was able to get online, these pictures will prove that even the ugliest dog can be transformed by LOVE, I hope the photos will inspire you to adopt a shelter pet today. 

Gibo, rescued by Jhang Polido
worthless before, best friend after

A Shelter dog for adoption at PAWS
Patrick "the miracle dog" before
Patrcik "the miracle dog" after
Lonely before, happy dog after
Sad dog before, proud dog after
Now if you were touched by the photos that you have seen, I urge you to visit any of your chosen Animal Shelter and check their for adoption list, and if just in case it would be impossible for you to adopt a shelter dog, please do your best to at least support them, by volunteering some of your extra time,  or donating some stuffs for the shelter dogs. 

 Remember that if you rescue an animal from death row, you are giving that being a chance to live a normal    life.

Now, watch the amazing story of Magpie:

Some of the pictures was grabbed from friends albums, while some are from several online sources.

If you have any questions, regarding the contents of this blog, please feel free to leave me a message.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I hope more people would "Adopt" dogs special those dogs in animal shelters. God bless Kristine!

    -Jeff Untalan (wala ako profile dito eh.. anonymous na lang kunyari ^_^)

    1. Hi Jeff,

      Yah, I also hope that more people will no longer be breed conscious, and start adopting dogs in animal shelters :) God Bless you too, thank you for adopting Osleck!


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