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Friday, 15 June 2012

The Philippine Street Dogs

The Dog is supposed to be Man’s Best Friend, if the dog gets a good person to look after him then life is good but unfortunately this is not the case for most of the dogs in the world.

I have seen all kinds of dogs living in many different kinds of conditions. Some are so well pampered that they do not really know that they are still dogs, others are looked after very well and are a very important part of the family. Some are only useful to the owner as long as he can make money from them and some are just living on their own as nobody really wants them.

Pampered Dogs
Pampered Dog
 All around the world, many dogs get lucky and are really treated well, they get the best food, regular medical checks and inoculations, their own bed to sleep on and even clothing to match that of the owner.

With this article, I am not saying that the Philippines is worse than anywhere else for the poor treatment of dogs as there is terrible abuse of dogs happening in the developed countries but a major difference is that in the developed world there are strict laws to protect the unfortunate animals while here in the Philippines there are laws but like many laws here they are of a very low priority to the government agencies.

Philippine Street Dogs
As you drive around the streets of Manila or anywhere in the Philippines, you would see many dogs roaming around looking for food. Most of these dogs belong to someone but unfortunately their owners doesn't care about them, they had been abandoned because the owner got a new pure bred dog, sometimes a dog who belong to a poor family is luckier because they are given table scraps and their family are not abandoning them, everything is still n a case to case basis. I also know some rich families who adopt dogs from the street, so I guess social status is not the basis of being a responsible dog owner. If dogs are not fed at home, then it's up to the poor dog to find food for himself, he can eat dead animals, and rotten food which has been thrown away by people.

Philippine beggar dogs
Many of these dogs get very badly treated by people who throw sticks and stones to drive the dogs away. Many small or young dogs are forced by hunger to compete with the bigger street wise type of dog who gives no mercy regardless of size so many of this kind of small dog gets open wounds which can easily get infected because nobody will take care of the injuries or treat them.

Bone Beggars in the Philippines
 Its so sad to see a dog with a skin disease which has caused all the hair to fall out and in many cases the skin goes pink, these dogs are constantly scratching and open up wounds on their skin as the itching is totally uncomfortable. Because of infection these dogs usually do not survive and their dead bodies can become food for other starving animals so the infections can be passed on to others.
In some cities, there are animal control. Who will take dogs if they are roaming in the streets and if their owners will not get them, then they will be destroyed in 48 hours. There are even speculations that, the said animal control or dog pound are selling the dogs to illegal dog meat traders, though it has not been confirmed yet.
Animal control vehicle

Some syndicates are getting stray dogs, so that they can sell their meat. It is illegal to eat dogs in the Philippines, but just like any other law, some people can get away with it. Luckily, we have Animal Kingdom Foundation, a UK funded animal shelter, who rescue dogs from illegal dog meat traders.

Dogs that were rescued from illegal dog meat trade
The face of Philippine Illegal Dog Meat Trade
Rescued dogs having another life at Animal Kingdom Foundation

Before I end this article, I would also like my readers to know that even homeless people are capable of loving dogs, and it only proves that those who have less can give more.

Friends, I want you to meet Mang Rudy. He lives in a push cart with 16 dogs and 2 cats. For me, he is luckier than those who have big mansions, massive money on their bank account because Mang Rudy had best friends who will never abandon him no matter what.

Mang Rudy with his dogs,, Photo source: When in Manila.com
photo source: attoralba.wordpress

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  1. Hello Kristine,
    Thank you for writing about the plight of street dogs in the Philippines. Sadly, you describe the life of millions stray dogs around the world.
    Please consider supporting and sharing 600MillionDogs.org's project - developing a single dose, ORAL, permanent birth control dog food, designed for distribution (on a nonprofit basis) to innocent stray dogs around the world. This is a wonderful solution that can finally break the cycle of constant breeding, suffering and killing.
    Thank you,
    Kim (volunteer)


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