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Monday, 9 July 2012

I choose Doctor Joseph De Guzman

I am about to quit blogging when I received an email from a friend telling me that my blog belongs to Technorati's Top 100 pet blogs, then I realized that I just can't quit, my mission is not yet over.

All pet parents are aware that they need to choose the perfect veterinarian for their fur babies, well not everyone in the animal industry are animal lovers, that is something that we need to accept. Before we entrust the health of our precious furballs to anyone, we need to make sure that the said veterinarian is compassionate and will not use us as milking cows.

Luckily, Doc Joseph De Guzman is one of my Facebook friends, for those who are active at dog forums, you may have encountered him already. Yes, he is the guy who is accepting calls from people, he do not know personally, so that he can somehow assess the condition of the dog or cat for that matter. He is on call 24 hours a day, and he is not being paid for most of this calls, he is simply doing it for the love of his job, and because he knows that as a veterinarian it is his responsibility to help animals in need no matter what.

Doc Joseph De Guzman
Doc Joseph is giving free consultation online, you can ask him any question thru private message or even thru his Facebook wall, and because of what he is doing I have decided to feature him on my blog. This is my simple way of thanking him for all the lives that he was able to save because he is selfless. We need more veterinarians like him, someone who is willing to help anytime, anywhere and anyone.

Doc Joseph and Theo one of Pals rescue..photo credit: Philippine Animal Lover's Society
For those who would like to set an appointment with Doc Joseph, kindly call him using the number on the calling card above. If you want to ask him anything, please do not be a stranger. :)

For any queries, please email me at akvicencio@gmail.com


  1. Cute dogs and congratulations on making the top 100 list.


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