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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Illegal dog meat trade in the Philippines.


I decided to write this article because of the "sign this petition" request that I have been receiving since 5 am yesterday, it is about stopping South Korea from consuming dog meat. I also hate what South Korea is doing to man's best friend, however as a Filipino who lives in a country where consumption of dog meat is also rampant, I know that Koreans will not take me seriously. It's just like preaching peace while holding a gun.
Illegal Dog Meat trade in the Philippines
I would like to commend Animal Kingdom Foundation for doing their best to stop illegal dog meat trade, however even if this practice has already been illegal since 1998, the number of dogs being butchered for food is still staggering high. As per CIDG ( Criminal Investigation and Detection Group) of the Philippine National Police, around 290,000 dogs are being killed each year for their meat.

Our Animal Welfare Act law dictates that violators will face a fine of not less than P5,000 per dog and an imprisonment of one to four years. But then again Inquirer estimates the dog meat trade to be worth P174 million a year. It says the trade enjoys the “support and patronage of local officials,” which makes it difficult for law enforcers to arrest those engaged in it, they can only file a case against the staffs, but they can't touch the big boss.

Photo source: AKF
 “In Baguio City and La Trinidad, Benguet, alone, there are around 60 restaurants, eateries and canteens that serve dog meat. These are found all over the city, including the central business district, and are patronized by no less than local politicians, heads of government offices, policemen and even professionals,” --Inquirer

Dogs are not supposed to be eaten period, and while be rally for the animals of other Asian Countries, I believe that we also need to make a petition for our own animals, though there is PAWS and AKF, they just can't do it alone, we need a better animal welfare law and that is the fact, the government will only act on it if Filipinos will stand together to fight animal cruelty, election days is already around the corner, and I am sure that our beloved corrupt politicians will do their best just to be notice, we can take this opportunity to let them know our stand, we can stage a rally or a social media campaign for the amended of animal welfare act, politicians love acting on a problem if it is being talked about. A simple signature in a petition letter will no longer close the deal, we need to be blunt if we want something to change.

I am not doing this to defend any race, I wrote this article so that Filipinos will realize that our fight against dog meat trade is not yet over, let us stop convincing leaders of other countries to change their ways, if we can't do it in our own country. Making other nation feel like the bad guy doesn't make us the good guy.

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  1. Thank you, Christine, for this Web site!

    Friends don't eat their best friends.

    An American living in Baguio for the last couple of years, I have lost two dogs (neither purebred), stolen apparently for the dog meat trade. The horrors and tortures these dogs must have experienced before slaughter haunts me every day.

    The Police were not interested, and referred me to my Barangay. When I went to my Barangay office to report the first loss, I was treated insultingly by an official who told me she had no interest such a petty matter.

    So I have decided I must protect my remaining four-footed friend by myself.

    I have now installed motion-detecting, night-vision CCTV cameras to catch the next burglar, have outside lights on all night, and will be adding barbed wire.

    Anyone trying to get at my Foxi (Askal/Japanese Spitz mix) will have to get past me first.

    The dog meat trade and the generally casual disregard for humane treatment of dogs is a shame and disgrace upon the Philippines. Good Filipino dog owners must rise up and speak loudly to see that the laws against the dog meat trade are enforced.

    Keep up the good work, Christine!

    -- HalfMooner (Art)

    1. Hi Halfmooner,

      Thank you for dropping by my blog. :)

      I agree, Filipinos must stand up to protect our canine friends. I hope everyone will experience how it is to be loved by a dog, in that way they will realize that dogs are not supposed to be eaten.

  2. I am also a filipina and I never supported such act that would harm our dogs and pets. We... as much intelligent, one who can speak and who can understand better must be their protector. I got myself involved in some campaigns against animal cruelties. http://www.wetakecharge.com/petition.php?url=thai-government-to-stop-the-illegal-dog-meat-smuggling-trade&id=3


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