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Saturday, 6 October 2012

Homemade Dog Halloween Costume Ideas.

I am a dog lover, and my dogs loves to dress up that's why I am always excited for Halloween. I have collected some ways on how we can create fun and colorful costumes for our beloved pooch, this is a frugal way to enjoy without hurting our budget.

1. Simba the Lion Costume. (perfect for Labrador retrievers, Pitbulls and Aspins)

Items you will need:

1. Wolfman mask, (you can buy this for +150pesos depending on it's quality.)
2. Elastic band
3. Piece of Velcro
4. Extra Collar
5. Needle and thread
6. Knife or Scissors
7. Optional – rubber band

1. Grab a knife or scissors and unstitch the hair from the latex mask. Or you can also use a wig.
2. With rudimentary sewing skills attach the collar to the lions mane (this will keep it in place when costume is worn.
3. Next, attach the velcro under the neck. This will keep the lions mane closed around the neck area.
4. Finally attach the elastic higher up from the velcro just under the chin. This helps to keep the hair from sliding back behind the ears.
5. Optional – take an extra piece of hair from the mask and attach it to your dogs tail with the rubber band.

2.  Dog Taco Costume (perfect for dachshund, chihuahua and mini pinscher)

image source: http://smallhomebigstart.blogspot.ca/2009/10/tutorial-dog-taco-costume.html
image source: google images
image source: http://smallhomebigstart.blogspot.ca/2009/10/tutorial-dog-taco-costume.html
This dog taco costume was taken from:http://smallhomebigstart.blogspot.ca/2009/10/tutorial-dog-taco-costume.html.

 Items you will need:

Felt fabric(tan, brown, green, yellow and red)
Embroidery Thread (tan, brown, green, yellow and red)
Velcro (the kind that you sew on, not the kind that has the adhesive)
 Poly Fill
Measuring Tape
Washable Marker

 You'll need some felt fabric:

- tan for the taco shell
- brown for the beef filling
- green for the lettuce
- yellow for the shredded cheddar cheese
- red for the tomatoes

You can use normal cotton thread for the stitches (and even use your sewing machine), but I prefer to use different colored embroidery thread and hand sew the pieces together. You can match the embroidery thread and felt really well, or even have some fun with contrasting colors.

1. Measure the length that you want the taco shell to be.
2. On a piece of stiff board, cut a "taco shell" shape (half circle), the length that you measured on your dog, and half that for the height. Cut the shape out twice.
3. Lay one of the pieces on a length of tan felt. Measure a 1/2 inch border around the cardboard. Use this felt piece to cut 3 more pieces out of the felt.
4. For each taco shell you should have one cardboard piece and two felt pieces. Take the board, sandwich it between the felt pieces and pin in place. I used a backstitch to go around the entire piece. Try to get as snug to the cardboard as you can. Repeat with the other side.
5. Cut two strips of felt to go under your dog's arms and under their belly.
6. One at a time, put them around your dog and mark where they meet. This will help you to determine where to put the velcro.
7. Cut a piece of velcro to fit between the mark you created, and the end of the strip, leaving a border all around. Sew the velcro on with a running stitch.
8. Repeated with the other piece of velcro on the other end of the strip. You should have a nice loop when you connect the velcro pieces. Continue with the remaining belly strap.
9. Now we need to adhere the straps to the taco shells. I suggest putting the straps on your dog, then postioning the shells where you want to go and marking the spot where the strap and shell meet. Be sure to have the good stitching on the taco shell on the outside.
10. Use a backstitch to attach the straps to the shells. Repeat the remaining shell.
11. To make the "beef filling", cut a piece of brown felt the length of the taco shells and the width of your dog (because you want it to sit between the two shells)
12. Now take the scissors and make a creative taco filling shape.
13. Do a running stitch all the way around, leaving a hole for the poly fill to go in.Its okay if it gets puffy and imperfect like in the photo above.
14. Stuff the filling with poly fill, being sure to get into all the spots. Play around with it. Sew the hole closed.
15.  Now its time to make the toppings!!! You can really be creative and add whatever you want. I'm going to add lettuce, cheese and tomatoes, but you could make sour cream, hot peppers, whatever you can think of.
16.  For the lettuce leaves, cut a piece of green felt in a 10" x 2" strip. Draw on a "lettuce leaf" edge and cut it off. Take some green thread and do a gathering stitch the length of the felt piece. For a gathering stitch, do a running stitch, then pull the thread, gathering up the fabric and knot the end. make 3 more lettuce pieces (2 for each taco shell side)
17. Postion the "leaves" on your shell and pin in place. Use a running stitch to attach it to the inner piece of felt on the shell.
18.  Now you have some nice ruffled lettuce. Repeat for the other side of you taco.
19.  For some shredded cheddar cheese, cut 1" x 1/2" strips of yellow felt.
20.  For the tomatoes, I took a 1 1/2 " x 1 1/2 " piece of red felt, ran a running stitch in a circle all around the felt and then pulled it to gather into a little ball, and knot the thread. You can stuff pieces of scrap felt in the balls before you gather them to help them keep their shape.
21.  Sew the pieces of cheese to the filling with a few simple stitched in yellow embroidery thread.
22.  Use red embroidery to add the tomatoes to the filling.
23.  Place the taco with the inside exposed, and the outsides of the shells on the table.
24.  Place the filling on top, and pin it into the place you would like.
25.  Flip the taco over and stitch the filling into place with tan embroidery thread.
26.  And there you have it a felt taco costume for your pooch.

3. Dog Pirate Costume (perfect for all dog breeds)
image source: http://blog.makezine.com/craft/how-to_pirate_dog_costume/?CMP=OTC-5JF307375954

 Items you will need:

Note: Add extra yardage for a larger dog.
½yd 60″-wide, red and white striped, stretch knit fabric (for shirt)
¼yd 45″-wide, red, rib knit fabric
½yd 45″-wide, medium-weight, black satin fabric (for pants)
6″ length of ¾” red hook-and-loop fastener tape
10″ length of ¾” black hook-and-loop fastener tape
3″ gold buttons (2)
9″×12″ piece of 2mm white foam sheet or pre-cut, white, adhesive foam skull and crossbones, patch or sticker,
2″ or smaller
12″×18″ piece of 3mm black foam sheet
2/3yd 6″ flat gold braid trim
1yd ¼” clear elastic
Small fake parrot
Craft glue, hole punch, common sewing supplies


Step 1: Cut out and sew the shirt.
 1a. To begin, cut all the fabric pieces out, using the downloadable patterns.
 1b. Fold the cuffs lengthwise with the wrong sides together, and pin to the right side of the sleeves. Slightly stretch cuffs to match the notches on the sleeves, and sew. Repeat for neckband.
 1c. Press the seam allowances toward the body.
 1d. Attach the sleeves to the bodice, matching notches around the armholes.
 1e. Sew the sleeves closed beginning at the cuff, along the underarm, and continuing across the front chest. Finish the bottom edge of the shirt by pressing under ¼” and topstitching.
 1f. On the right center chest seam, turn under 1″ and baste closed. Pin the appropriate length of loop tape fastener on the side of the shirt that faces inward. Sew around all 4 sides of fastener. On the left side of the center chest seam, sew the matching length of hook tape on the side of the shirt that faces outward.
1g. Attach the parrot to the shoulder by using a whipstitch around the bird’s legs. (Some come with a wire extending from the legs that can also be used to secure the bird to the shirt.)

Step 2: Sew the pants.
 2a. Run a basting stitch 1″ and another ½” from the bottom of the leg opening between
the notches.
 2b. Pull the basting stitches to gather the pants, matching notches on the band. With the right sides together, pin and sew the 2 pieces together. Remove the basting stitches.
 2c. Turn under ¼” on the raw edge of the band pieces, and press. Fold band lengthwise and baste in place. On the outside of the pants, topstitch the top of the band.
2d. Finish the bottom edge of the pants and back opening by pressing under ¼” and topstitching.
2e. Turn under 1″ on the rear side of the pant leg inner seam and baste closed. Pin the appropriate length of loop tape fastener to the inside of this fold. Sew around all 4 sides of the fastener. On the opposite side of the pant leg inner seam, sew the matching length of hook tape to the front.
2f. Sew a gold button on the outer side of each pant leg band, centered. With right sides together, sew the shirt to the pants at the waist with a ½” seam allowance. Press the seams open.

Step 3: Make the hat.
3a. From the pattern, cut hat shape from the 3mm black foam sheet, then center the skull detail and secure with craft glue.
3b. Close the hat by overlapping the side flaps in the back, and glue. Next, glue the gold trim close to the edge at the top of the hat.
 3c. Punch 4 holes at the bottom of the hat, matching the dots on the pattern. Thread clear elastic through the holes as shown, to create the Y-shaped strap. Secure the open end of the elastic to the strap, 3″ from the bottom of the hat, by folding under ½” and hand-stitching with thread in an X formation.

Step 4: Make the belt.
4a. Glue gold trim around the edge of the buckle. Center the skull detail and secure with glue.
4b. Measure the dog’s waist, around the seam where the shirt and pants meet, and add 4″. You may need to cut 2 strips of the 3mm foam sheet to get the desired length (they can meet underneath the middle of the buckle). Once cut, center the buckle in the middle of the belt, and glue.
4c. Cut two 2″ strips of loop tape and position them horizontally on the top side of one end of the belt. Cut two 2″ strips of hook tape and position them vertically on the bottom side of the opposite end of the belt. Glue all pieces in place.
Add Alternate Accessories: Feel free to add extra props to the belt, such as a dangling pouch of gold coins or a small toy sword. Also consider a feather, pirate flag, treasure chest, eye patch, bandana, hook, or wooden leg.

4. Hawaiian Hula Dancer Dog Costume ( for any breed)
image source: google images
Things you will need:

Cord or elastic
Flowery ribbon
Two seashells and pink paint
Two hydrangeas, or a store bought lei and wreath
Scissors, gluegun and gluesticks

Get some measurements:
- Around the chest
- Around the waist
- From the waist to the tail
- Aroud the neck to the chest

1) Cut a cord with measurement (waist) plus 4″
2) Paint two seashells pink
3) Double up a bunch of raffia strands and cut at measurement (waist to tail)
4) Slip the strands of raffia under the cord or elastic
5) Make a raffia hoop on one side of the raffia
6) Pass the loose strands through to the other side to tie a knot
7) Make a tight knot
8) Repeat to make the skirt, leaving 2″ on either side
9) Cut two pieces of ribbon: #1–measurement (chest) plus 2″, #2– measurement (neck to chest) plus 2″, folding (neck to chest) in half
10) Slip ribbon (neck to chest) under ribbon (chest)  and then through the hoop to make a tight knot
11) Glue some velcro to each end of the ribbon
12) Try on to make sure everything fits right
13) Glue the sea sells to the piece of ribbon for measurement (chest)
14) Tie the skirt around the waist
15) You can make a lei and a wreath by glueing small flowers onto a cord
image source: google images

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  1. Wonderful dog halloween costumes. I was browsing and hope I could add some to my pinterest board dog halloween costumes. Hope it's okay with you. :) Keep up the good writing too!

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  3. These dog Halloween Costumes found here are the one thing I am looking for. I
    love what I see and I love to put it on my beloved. I am really excited to see my dog wearing these costumes found this coming Halloween.

  4. These are so adorable! I am so awed with those cute costumes for dogs. So cute!

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    Happy Halloween!
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