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Friday, 9 November 2012

A guest post from Amy Fowler: Five Key Tips For Training A New Dog

Bringing your new dog home for the first time is exciting but also nerve-racking; you now have the delicate task of training your furry friend.

If you are a first time dog owner you are bound to be a little apprehensive, but by following these 5 tips, you will ensure your dog training efforts are smooth sailing and before you know it, your dog will quickly become one of the family and an integral part of your home.
image source: http://www.doggieuk9.com
1     1. Start As You Mean To Go On
 ----Whether you bring home a puppy or an older dog, do not allow bad behaviors or ‘habits’ to stick.

For example, letting the dog sleep on your bed for the first night is a recipe for disaster. Invest in a dog bed straight away and encourage him to sleep there, so he associates that as ‘his space.’ 

If your puppy gets in the habit of crying for attention all hours of the night, resist the temptation to see to him more than once to check on him; this will soon become a habit as the dog will recognize that every time he cries you come.  It may be difficult to ignore but eventually, the dog will settle. 

image source: http://gitli.info
      2. Don’t Shout
----Shouting at your puppy or dog may seem like the only way to get through to them but all this really does is confuse them. 

If they are doing something naughty like chewing on the furniture, a firm ‘No’ will suffice, letting them know that their behavior is wrong and then distract them. For example; giving them their favorite toy to play with instead.

Before they are house trained, a few accidents are inevitable, but if you regularly let your dog or puppy outside to do his business, he will quickly learn to associate going to the toilet with being outside.

image source: http://garvinsdogtraining.com
3    3. Give Your Dog Plenty Of Exercise
---Lack of exercise results in frustration and boredom for a dog, this means he is more likely to ‘play up’ and misbehave in the home. 

A good walk of an hour or two a day not only gives your dog the exercise he needs to stay healthy and well-behaved, it also gives him a chance to interact with other people and gets him used to other dogs. 

Walking your dog regularly means he will sleep more soundly at night - a definite bonus for you!

image source: http://www.allpurposedogtraining.com
      4. Encourage Good Behavior
----Every time your pup or dog does something good or responds to a verbal command such as ‘come’ or ‘sit’, reward him with either a treat, a game with his favorite toy, or simply a cuddle and a stroke.

If your dog is behaving badly and doing something you do not like, you can try another technique of simply ignoring him. Unless the dog is doing something dangerous, it is best to not give your dog a reaction at all - this will quickly discourage his behavior.

image source: http://www.basicdogtrainingsite.com/

5. Practice Good Habits

----If you don’t want your dog on your sofa, every time he climbs up on it, pick him up and put him on the floor. Even if he does this several times, persist and keep on putting him back down on the floor. 

Don’t give in, even if you have company round and they fuss around him - do not allow him to go on the sofa, if you do, this habit will soon stick.
The same applies if you do not allow your dog upstairs; the minute you catch him going up the stairs, tell him ‘No’ and gently lead him away.

Following these 5 simple rules should help introducing your new dog into your family a stress free and an enjoyable experience.

This guest post was written by dog lover Amy Fowler for House of Paws, suppliers of large and luxury dog beds. Read more from House of Paws by clicking here.


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