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Saturday, 10 November 2012

A guest post from Kim: 4 Benefits to Adopting Your First Dog

Sometimes a dog may find you; other times you may pick out a dog from the local Humane Society or charitable group for dog adoption. No matter how this relationship begins, it is a great start in giving a homeless dog a new chance at life. Most likely, if you are deciding to adopt a dog as your first pet, you have clearly made the decision that you WANT a dog, and did not make an impulse purchase when seeing a cute puppy.

image source: Shabbyscraps

True Love

There is no other truer love than when a dog is adopted. Yes, there are those who purchase dogs that truly love their pets, but there are also those that purchase on impulse and realize that having a dog is a burden. When a dog has been abandoned or mistreated, and you adopt it, it will immediately feel your love. You will first notice the tail wagging and then the licks to the face - A sure sign that this is a perfect match. This is true companionship almost instantaneously for both of you.

image source: http://puppybehavior.org

Minimal Training

Usually dogs that are waiting for adoption have already been house-trained, and even may have established routines. As older dogs have already established habits and understanding, it is easier to teach them to follow your new expectations and routines. These dogs are so happy to be in a loving home, they are more encouraged to please you in order to seek more of your love.

image source: http://dogslifemagazine.com

Personal Commitment to Your Community

When you are adopting a dog, you are making a personal social commitment to your community. You are saying that you care about neglected and abandoned animals and want to make a difference. This is a direct personal benefit, as it makes you feel great about doing a good deed, but what makes it more special is that this is something that you WANTED to do. One less animal will suffer due to your generosity.

image source: http://www.inspectorrex.com

Low Financial Commitment

What is great about the low cost for adopting a dog is that you know the money will go for caring for other abandoned dogs, and not just in someone's pocket for their own personal benefit. With this low cost, you can still have the dog you always wanted, and have extra money to prepare your home for your new companion.
Love from a dog is unconditional to begin with, but when a dog is adopted it's a different type of love. Dogs are smart and understand that they have been mistreated. Adoption fills this void and you can purchase dog bank checks to show the world how awesome dog adoption is.

About the Author
Kim is a freelance writer who has a sincere love for all animals, especially dogs. She is a dog owner who believes in treating her dog like part of the family. There is no day that goes by without loving contact with her pet. Kim even shares this love with others by using personalized dog checks from www.personalchecksplus.com.

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