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Thursday, 22 November 2012


Your dog’s diet is vital to their health. Quality dog food, the occasional treat, and even a rawhide bone tend to make up the majority of a dog’s diet. Of course, there are times when we “treat” our dog to a little something extra, like a piece of fruit we’re enjoying (watermelon) or a leftover that has already been tainted by the floor. But, there are certain dietary additions that are very dangerous for your dog which every responsible dog owner should avoid.

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Keep in mind some of the foods that are considered toxic to dogs, like onions and chocolate. Be sure your dog doesn’t have access to anything that has been cooked or seasoned with any toxic foods. Be aware of even those things that may not seem to hurt your dog. In fact, at times it may seem they pose no threat at all. Beware, because not everything is always as it seems. 
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Though it is a summertime barbeque favorite, there is no corn for dogs. Corn may be sweet, but it actually offers little to no nutrition. Additionally, they can bite off large portions which will cause digestive tract blockages. Corn on the cob might seem like a good chew item to keep them busy during the party, but there are plenty of other solutions to keeping them entertained properly.
One problem that a lot of dog owners might be familiar with are the dangers of toothpicks and skewers. When we eat, these can be rather effective utensils, but the food on them makes them very attractive to a dog. Chewing either wood or plastic toothpicks or skewers can cause splinters to be lodged in their gums or even throat. Be sure you dispose of these properly. Don’t throw them on the ground where your dog can get to them.

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Throwing your dog a bone doesn’t mean you should literally give your dog bones. Aside from the renowned dangers of chicken bones, rib bones can also splinter when chewed on. This problem seems more common for larger dogs with strong jaws, but it’s possible for any dog to break off small pieces and swallow them. 

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Then we come to the meat of the situation. Fat from steak and other greasy foods are not really good for us. We tend to cut off the extra and throw it away. But, it’s always good to remember that your dog isn’t a waste disposal unit. Greasy foods contain an abundance of saturated fat, which is very bad for a dog’s heart and can cause pancreatic issues. 

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Food wrappers pose another threat to your dog’s health. This area is seldom considered because often we don’t purposefully give these to them. However trash cans are host to plastic wrappings and containers that used to hold food, which can be very attractive to a dog. Keep disposal areas sealed and covered so that your dog won’t be able to get in try to eat anything bad.
Just because your dog wants and begs for a certain thing doesn’t mean that you should give in and treat them with something that isn’t good for them. It is the duty of every responsible dog owner to feed their friends a quality diet and keep dangers at bay. 

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Author Bio:
Brandon Kennington is the inventor and owner of the Porch Potty – the world’s first automatic grass dog litter box.  As dog owner and a busy business owner, Brandon invented the Porch Potty when he didn’t want his dog to have to wait all day to go.  Porch Potty admires dog owners and also provides great tips for dog lovers on the Porch Potty Blog.  


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