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Sunday, 4 November 2012

Second Chance: A Pit bull Story.

Merry Go Around, photo source: http://helpsavethepitbulls.com

Several months ago approximately 230 pit bulls were rescued from a dog-fighting syndicate operating in Laguna. This syndicate was spearheaded by several Korean nationals who had already been previously arrested for the same offense in Cavite.

Alfonso, photo source: http://helpsavethepitbulls.com
 Due to weak Animal welfare laws, these Koreans quickly posted bail last 2011 and proceeded to arrange for the relocation and importation of more dogs for their illegal online betting business in Laguna. This is where they were busted again, this time with approximately 230 dogs.

Pamela, photo source: http://helpsavethepitbulls.com
The 230 rescued Laguna pit bulls were in very poor condition, most of them are malnourished and wounded, they do not have a proper kennel and basically it is very obvious that they were abused.

Samantha, photo source: http://helpsavethepitbulls.com
Despite the medical attention that was given to them, many dogs died, some has been put down to end it's suffering. As of the moment, there are still 170 dogs remaining in the care of CARA Welfare Philippines and Island Rescue Organization.

The dogs are currently in a secret sanctuary in Batangas, this is the perfect place for the dogs to rehabilitate completely.

These Pit Bulls came from hell, but they were able to bounce back with the help of dedicated volunteers, it is amazing to see that though they were abused by some wicked humans, they still believe that humans are trustworthy, they are addicted to human affection, something that you will never expect from an animal who were trained to kill. But as Cesar Millan used to say, "Dogs live in the now".

Right now, the pit bulls are hoping to get all the needs that they can get. Remember that the organization that is looking after them is an NGO, so they only have a limited budget. Below is a poster, and it would be able to guide you on how to extend your help. They are already running low on Dog Food, so they would really appreciate it if you can donate any amount or any brand of dog food.

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