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Monday, 19 November 2012

Top 5 Must Have Dog Accessories that you can get from Sparkbon Accessories

Having a dog, big or small is a great thing. Owning a dog is a great privilege, and as pet parents we need to make sure that we have something for them this coming Christmas, well TLC is still the best gift that we can give them, but an additional material things would be great.

Sparkbon Accessories is an online store owned by Ms. Annie Ong and Ms. Jen Maniego, they supply top of the line dog merchandise at an affordable price. Where else can you find an online store who offer dog shoes for as low as 280pesos, that amount is cheaper than what other stores offer right?

Now here is the list that you have been waiting for.
1. Adjustable Body Collar
---This colar was specially designed to have a cushy collar and back to distribute weight throughout the body which is great for those pullers. It also has an adjustable belt on the chest for a comfortable fit. 
2. Pet hair clipper
---Dog grooming can be costly, so having your own pet clipper is a necessity, especially if you have more than one longed haired dog. Most clippers, comes with instructional videos, and you can also learn how to clip your dog's coat buy reading online books about grooming, and by watching tutorial videos on Youtube. 

3. Dog Bed
--- Though you can always sleep with your dog, if you want to. It would still be a nice idea if you can give him his own bed. A place where he can relax by himself. 

4. Dog bag or crate.
--- Having a Dog bag is important, especially if you love to bring your dog everywhere you go. It will also save your dog's life in cases of emergency like fire and flood, if your dog have a bag or crate, evacuation would be easy. 

5. Dog toys
--- As the saying goes, "A bored dog, is a destructive dog". Every dog must have a toy, it can entertain them, and at the same time it can also improve their intelligence. 

If you are interested to any of the above products please email Ms. Annie Ong at sparkbonaccessories@gmail.com.


  1. I like this blog very much !!

  2. Thank you Cat Urn! If you are interested to buy any of the said items, you can email Ms. Annie directly at sparkbonaccessories@gmail.com. :)

  3. I think that these types of pet accessories will like every pet owner.

  4. super cute accesories for puppies. i love the grooming kit. :)

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