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Saturday, 19 January 2013

Our Ultimate Talentadong Pinoy: Chardy Ang

Chardy Ang is a husband to Avic, a father to Nathan and a dog guardian to Skye (Jack Russel terrier), Andi, Yuri and Cheska (Border Collies) and Aw an Aspin (Mongrel). Chardy is also a friend to a lot of people. And for dog lover's like me, he is our Ultimate Talentadong Pinoy ( Ultimated talented Filipino).

Chardy with his wife Avic and their son Nathan

Chardy Ang with his pack

Chardy with his dog lover friends
When Chardy joined Tv5's Talentadong Pinoy, he instantly became a household name. Every dog owner wanted to be like Chardy so that they can train their dogs without any problem, and honestly I am one of his fans. I just can't train my dogs, but they trained me well if you know what I mean.

Chardy was not able to bring home the bacon, but the fight is not yet over. We are still hoping that he will be given another chance for the wild card edition of the said show. In my opinion, although Jhayvot the 14 year old kid who stopped Chardy from getting into the grand finals has a beautiful voice, his ability is not enough for him to be hailed as talented. A lot of people can sing, but not everyone are given the ability to train dogs. So if I was given the chance to judge between a singer and a dog trainer, I will surely choose the second act.

Even Google consider Chardy as popular
 Now I will be sharing with you his videos and I am sure that you will enjoy it.

Not everyone can control a pack of dogs on stage, he doesn't have an assistant during this act, that alone will convince everyone that Chardy is one of a kind.

You can subscribe to his YouTube videos here

You can like his Facebook Page here.

You can like his dog's FB here.

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