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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

A review about Infinite.ly domain provider.

My article for today is not dog related, and the reason why I have accepted this request is because, I am looking to take advantage of a free domain service for one year. I always say that I blog with integrity so rest assured that everything that I will mention on this review is a fact.

Infinite.ly is a new domain service that is being tried out in the Philippines and I am lucky to be chosen as one of the first 20 persons who will try this service for free. Now let me state to you the good and the bad side of Infinite.ly.

The Good.

1. The interface is user friendly, even novice bloggers will find this service easy to use.

2. This service would be very useful for small business owners, who would like to have their own website but can't afford those that are being offered by high-end domain providers like Godaddy.com.
Infinite.ly is only charging a small amount of 1600.00 Pesos for 12 months.

3. The content widget already offers you everything that you might need for your website, like contact form, sign up form, videos, pictures and a lot more.

The Bad.

Actually, the only thing that I do not like about their service is the fact that you cannot upload your old blog's content to their domain, well it's not allowed for the time being but as per their founder they are already doing something about it. And I am looking forward to that opportunity, so that I can finally redirect this blog to my own domain which is http://thealphadogattitude.com

 This product review is sponsored by TapBlogs / Infinite.ly

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