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Friday, 18 October 2013

Dogs University in Bonifacio High Street

Not everyone is capable of paying dog trainers to have a sociable dog, luckily National Geographic Channel and Pedigree came up with NGC Pedigree University, though it is just a one day event, dog owners will surely learn a lot of things from the experts that will conduct short classes for the benefit of our canine friends and those who love them.

University Rules:

  1. All dog students must approach the REGISTRATION AREA to accomplish and submit the UNIVERSITY CLASS CARD. There’s a separate registration table for ONLINE REGISTRANTS (express lane), WALK INS, and VIPS.
  2. During REGISTRATION, all classes pre-enlisted by ONLINE REGISTRANTS will reflect in the class card. Should the dog owners want to add more classes to attend, it will depend on the number of remaining slots available per class.
  3. WALK IN REGISTRANTS will only be given a blank class card. Dog owners will have to check the remaining slots available at the CLASS SCHEDULE BOARD and register at the CLASS AREAS.
  4. ON-SITE REGISTRATION of classes will depend on the number of remaining slots available per session. This will not happen at the registration area, but dog owners will have to personally check the CLASS AREAS and register at the CLASS MARSHALS assigned per class.
  5. Upon REGISTRATION, all dogs and owners will be given WRIST TAGS that they should wear all the time within the Campus premises. Dogs and owners not wearing the wrist tags will not be honored as a student even if they’re registered.
  6. CLASS CARDS must be brought with the dog owner all the time within the Campus premises. It must always be presented to the CLASS MARSHALS upon entering the class session. Failure to do so will not honor the dog’s attendance in the classes.
  7. Always make sure to have the class card STAMPED after every class, Earning of stamps is important especially when redeeming freebies after the school day.
  8. ALL CLASSES and FREE SERVICES are for FIRST-COME-FIRST-SERVE basis. Those who will not be accommodated can explore other classes and sessions available in all parts of the campus.
  9. Class sessions will be limited to the NUMBER OF SEATS available per session. Late registrants or walk ins will only be admitted to a certain class when there are slots available inside the session. Only a few attendees will be allowed to standby outside the classes. They will be asked by the marshals to explore other classes or sessions for the day.
  10. During the start of the program in the afternoon, all classes will be finished by then. All dogs and owners will be asked to convene in the University ASSEMBLY AREA in front of the stage.
  11. In order to get FREE LOOT BAGS, dogs and owners must have attended and earned stamps from Pedigree® BOOTH, NAT GEO BOOTH, and 3 more CLASS SESSIONS. Basis of judgment will be the number of stamps in the class card. The organizers reserve the right to refuse to give freebies to dog owners who will not be able to complete the required number of classes attended.
  12. All dogs must be ON LEASH when inside Campus. Dog Owners must handle their dogs responsibly and manage their student’s actions, control any sexual socialization acts with other dogs, clean their own dog’s poops, and avoid quarreling with other students. Dog owners should WATCH OVER their dogs and must observe safety measures when participating in any activity. Failure to do so may cause the students be expelled in the University. The University will not be held responsible for any problems and issues that may arise from the abovementioned concerns.
  13. There will be some classes and areas where FEMALE DOGS, MALE DOGS, and BIG DOGS will be grouped together and will be separated. Dog owners must abide by these rulings.
  14. Owners must ensure that their dogs practice good behavior when engaging with pets and humans.
  15. Dog owners must be responsible to clean up after their dogs. There are designated waste stations for proper waste disposal.
  16. Smoking inside the Campus is strictly prohibited. Smoking, possession of noxious substances, cruel implements and firearms are strictly prohibited inside the Campus.
  17. Owners must ensure that their dogs are healthy and fit to join the Campus activities and sessions and that their dogs are protected with vaccinations against contagious diseases.
  18. To maintain safety and order, the Organizers reserve the right to refuse entrance to people and/or dogs who are deemed unfit to join the Campus. Medics and Veterinarians will be present at the campus site.
  19. Organizers are not liable for any loss and/or damage of personal belongings.
  20. Dog owners must adhere to the rules and regulations of the Campus. The Organizers, National Geographic Channel, Pedigree®, Bonifacio Global City and other sponsors shall not be liable for any injuries or untoward incidents that may arise from uncontrolled situations like hostile dog behavior, force majeure or natural calamity.
For more details go to: http://www.ngcpedigreeuniversity.com/

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