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Thursday, 19 December 2013

6 Must-Haves for An Outdoor Adventure with Your Dog: A guest post from Melanie of realsmart.com.au

Dogs love the great outdoors and there is nothing better as owner, than spending time with your dog outside. Whether it be a walk, a hike, a run, a play at beach or a camping trip, your dog remains a great companion. Although you may feel a little bit of training is all you need to keep your dog safe and happy on your adventures, you may want to consider these ‘must haves’ to help create the perfect outdoor experience for your dog.

LEASH: Even if you think your dog is capable of walking on its own, there is no excuse for an owner to forget the lead. No matter how obedient, there are always going to be times when your dog needs to be put on a lead or tied up. Some parks, children’s playgrounds or beaches will not allow a dog to be off lead. Camping areas may require you to tie up your dog at night and it’s always a good idea to have your dog on lead while walking close to heavy traffic. 

DOG COLLAR AND TAG: If you are taking your dog to an unfamiliar environment, they can sometimes become disorientated and if they arrive by car, they will have no chance of navigating their way back home. Make sure that your dog is collared and tagged so that if it does get lost, you can be notified immediately.

PORTABLE WATER BOTTLE: If you and your dog are participating in outdoor activities such as hiking or playing in the sun, make sure that you and your dog are well hydrated. A portable dog water bottle is a must-have this summer. Your water is stored in a sealed bottle and then easily accessed by your dog through the pouring vessel. And at the end of the day it folds up easily.

A COMFY BED: If you are out all day or over night with your dog, always provide a comfy bed or blanket for your dog so that they can cool off and get some down time. It also gives them a spot which they can consider their own.

A PET BAG: Just like humans, when you take your dog away for the day or overnight, it needs ‘stuff’. A pet bag is a great way to organise and carry everything you need for your pup. Poop bags, some food, a water bottle, basic grooming tools, a spare leash and collar and a doggie first aid kit are all essentials for your trip and if you have them all in the same bag, you’re know where to find them.

CAR SEAT COVER AND BELT: It is now law in Australia for your dogs to be restrained while travelling in the car. If you are going on a trip with your dog, a dog car-seat cover is a great way to protect your car and your pet. The mats are waterproof, have adjustable seat buckles and stop your dog falling off the seat onto the ground.

Author Bio

Melanie is a pet lover and pet product specialist at realsmart.com.au. She loves taking care of her dogs and treats them with the best accessories.

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