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Sunday, 23 March 2014

Dog Breed of the Week: Affenpinscher

I am a dog lover and I love reading about different dog breeds, and because I believe that sharing is love, I have decided to feature different breeds on a weekly basis. My aim is to raise awareness that there are different types of dogs, and there are things that people need to consider before they buy or adopt a dog.

Source: www.dogsindepth.com

The affenpinscher is square-proportioned, compact and sturdy, with medium bone. It is a smaller version of a working terrier, and as such is not a delicate dog. This is an active, tough dog that is agile enough to catch and dispatch rats and mice. Its gait is light, sound and confident. The affenpinscher has a monkeylike facial expression with long eyebrows and beard, which lends it an air of comic seriousness. This breed's rough coat is about 1 inch long on its body and somewhat longer on its head, neck, chest, stomach and legs. The coat type provided protection from vermin and harsh conditions.

The affenpinscher lives up to its name — "monkey terrier" — in both looks and actions. A terrier at heart, it is busy, inquisitive, bold and stubborn, but it also loves to monkey around, being playful and mischievous. It tends to bark and even climb. Unlike most terriers, it is fairly good with other dogs and pets. This little dog is best with a family that likes entertainment and has a very good sense of humor.

Source: http://www.animalplanet.com/breed-selector/dog-breeds/toy/affenpinscher.html

Banana Joe .. Source: http://www.yourdogplus.com
Although an energetic and active dog, the exercise needs of the affenpinscher can be met with vigorous indoor games or romps in the yard, or with short walks on leash. It enjoys playing outside, but it cannot live outdoors. Its harsh coat needs combing two or three times weekly, plus shaping every three months. Shaping for pets is by clipping, whereas show dogs require stripping.
• Major concerns: none
• Minor concerns: patellar luxation, Legg – Perthes
• Occasionally seen: PDA, open fontanel
• Suggested tests: knee, (cardiac)
• Life span: 12 - 14 years

Source: http://www.animalplanet.com/breed-selector/dog-breeds/toy/affenpinscher.html
Source: www.centralbarkusa.com
  Rescue Group:
Sarah Simpson; www.affenrescue.org
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