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Monday, 7 April 2014

2nd Blogoversary Giveaway Part 1! Get a chance to win a 1LB In Diet Supplement for Dogs!

Everything is better with dog's hair started last April of 2012 and within that period I was able to cover a lot of things on my blog, from featuring outstanding dogs and owners to random how tos.

This is the first time that I will be giving away something for my audience in the Philippines. I am planning to do this every month and hopefully I can use my blog to raise awareness that a true dog lover will love a canine regardless of it's breed.

For this month I am giving away one In Diet Supplement for dogs worth 600-700 pesos. I've also written a review about it here.

One winner will receive a 1LB In Diet Supplement for dogs, I have included a picture of the exact item that you will be receiving.

I might still giveaway pet express gift certificate, but I am worried about my readers who do not have a Pet Express branch near their area, so I guess giving away random pet products is better.

I am also accepting help from sponsors, or if you would like to request a specific item that you would like me to giveaway please email me at here.


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  1. I read your blog because I learn more about my best pal, a beagle. It is a journey of love and patience, and thank you for your reviews and giveaways for making the journey extra awesome!

  2. Hi Tab,

    Thank you so much for your kind words. I promise to provide more information and giveaways that you guys can enjoy.

  3. i spent time reading articles in this site. Very informative and interesting. Dog owners will be benefiting for they will acquire knowledge on different situations and circumstances for their dog. a lot of interesting topics also that i would like to try and acquire. thanks for putting up this kind of blog site. more power..


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