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Friday, 1 August 2014

Crazy Cute Creature Comes in an Unusual Package

Who would have thought that we can find a crazy cute creature trapped in a bizarre frame? Slowly capturing the hearts of animal lovers and becoming an internet sensation, Pig the unusual mixed breed dog has no neck and short spine making her an unusual pet.

Pig’s case is called Short Spine Syndrome making her spine 7 inches (18 cm) shorter lacking several ribs and with many other bones joined together giving her an appearance of almost half the size of the regular dogs. Her condition disabled her from swinging her head from side to side that she has to jump around like a frog to see what is behind her.

Despite her odd and distinct frame, according to her attending veterinarian Doctor Rachael Hudson-Breland, Pig does not suffer from any major health condition but owner Kim Dillenbeck must pay extra attention when she eats just to assure that she will not choke into anything. She also gets tired easily and often gets out of balance and topples over like a toddler.

Her owner, Dillenbeck said that Pig assumes that she is just a normal dog who can run around, barks a lot, and very high-spirited too. She seemed not to be in any physical pain because of her condition. In fact, Pig is a local celebrity in her hometown at Alabama and even captured the attention of local fair Do Dah Day attendees last May 2014 which was her first public excursion too. She was a star on the fairground and everybody wanted to take pictures with her.

To date, Pig survives the 9th month of her dog life and has 70,234 followers in her Facebook page named Pig the Unusual Dog.


  1. We are huge fans. We would like to share that 8 other living dogs with short spine syndrome have been identified internationally since 2011including ours. We have all bonded. The oldest one is about 10. They are all unique. This syndrome was first identified in wolves in the late 1800s or early 1900s I believe. It is a genetic anamoly.

    1. Hi! Feel free to share their stories, we may consider featuring them to raise awareness regarding short spine syndrome, and for sure, how they survive such health condition will inspire pet owners. :-)


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