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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Happy Sunday with Family

Sundays, mostly, is our free time to spend with our family, and our dogs and cats are part of our family (that’s how it’s supposed to be). Families usually go malling for bonding, but how about our furkids? Can’t they go with us? Of course they can! It is not necessary to leave them home. There are malls in the metro that are certified pet friendly. But we have to take note that some malls are generally pet-friendly, establishments within that mall may apply pet policies and restrictions as well. Also, as a responsible pet owner, do not forget to put your pets on leash, their updated vet records, poop bags, as well as to comply with the pet pass requirements that are imposed by some malls.

Photo Source: Eian's Xperia Xperience
First in the list, is of course, the one tagged as the first ever pet-friendly mall in the country, the first to open its grounds to pets – Eastwood Mall in Quezon City. This mall has always been loved by pet owners because they do not only allow malls in their grounds but even inside most of the shops.  Register your pets at the Eastwood concierge and get a pet pass if you wish to enter the mall. However, if you wish to just enjoy the mall external grounds, there will be no need to get a pet pass. Take note of the gold and silver paws that can be find in the mall's establishments, it indicates the pet policy they are imposing.

Photo Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bonifacio_High_Street

Serendra/ Photo Source: agoda.com
The green lushes of Bonifacio High Street (BHS), Taguig is also an open paradise for pets to run and roam around. Pets are allowed to play in the open area as well as to accompany their owners in dining in the restaurants’ fresco area. Some shops allow full pet access as well. For owners who will release their pets off-leash, just make sure that you are in full command of your furkids since the area is literally an open ground that has many escape points. BHS is one destination where Alaskan Malamute groups often meet. And just across Bonifacio High Street is Serendra, also has park in the middle which allows pet-owner hang-out. Serendra restaurants and establishments however, has different pet policies.

Photo Source: http://www.panoramio.com
Tiendesitas in Pasig is not only a haven for shoppers because of the shop’s affordable prices, it is also a haven for pet lovers because of its around fifty-shop wide Pet Village where pet grooming and pet stores are everywhere; you can even buy your own pets here. To date, Tiendesitas is tagged as the most pet-friendly among other shopping centers. For pet owners, there is no need to acquire for pet passes and they are allowed to stroll anywhere in the vicinity.

Photo Source: edadestower.blogspot.com

Power Plant Mall, Greenbelt 5 and Cash and Carry in Makati allow pets in its grounds. But, take note, small dogs and cats only and must be on pet carriers or strollers. Establishments within the two malls are strict in imposing the malls’ pet policies.

Photo Source: Eian's Xperia Xperience
SM’s biggest mall by land area, SM Mall of Asia in Pasay is also one of pet owners’ favorite destination when hanging out with their furkids. Though pets are not allowed in all establishments, one thing is for sure, all dogs and cats of all sizes are okay to invade its external grounds. In fact, doggie fun runs are frequent in this area, of course, hosted by the biggest pet store in the vicinity, Pet Express. Families and pets get to enjoy bay view and establishments that has frescoes.

Photo Source: sm-northedsa.com

SM North EDSA Sky Garden in Quezon City is an elevated strip of restaurants located just outside SM North’s main mall is also a pet-friendly destination. Litter bag posts are scattered around the area in case you forgot to bring your furkid’s essentials. Pets of all sizes have access to the Sky Garden however, access to the main mall is limited to smaller breeds.

Photo Source: philstar.com
The newest member of the pet-friendly mall circle is Fisher Mall in Quezon City. According to the mall’s social media posts, one thing you can be certain about Fisher Mall is its hosPETality; it is their campaign to attract pet owners to enjoy a day of shopping and dining with their pets.

Photo Caption: crispypataatkarekare.com
Come spend some quality time with your family and pets at Lucky Chinatown Mall in Binondo, Manila. Also tagged as one of the best pet-friendly mall in the country, the mall allows all breeds and pet sizes to walk around the mall grounds and interiors with their owners as long as they are on leash. A pet pass is needed to be obtained for you to enjoy the day with you furkids. Just present the updated vaccination records of your pets at the mall’s concierge and get a pet pass good for one day. Be mindful of the shop’s color-coded stickers as they indicate degree of pet policies.

By standards, all malls that have pet stores with grooming services allow limited pet access. It is either you put your pets on carriers or trollies or hand carry them, or go to the pet grooming station through the parking area entrance. You will notice that pet stores with pet grooming services are either located on the mall exteriors or near mall parking.

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