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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Our LIGHT...

Every day turns into night, every beginning comes to an end, and every light fades into darkness…

It was in Baguio when a thing caught our attention; it shone brighter than the sparkling city lights of the cold summer night, it outstood the beauty of the town. On the busy street of Session Road, a cute cuddly puppy caught our eyes, in the midst of the beautiful views; this puppy indeed captured our hearts. On our last night in Baguio, we brought him home with us. We spent the night together and ended the tour the next day with him. We discovered that his cry (whenever he does not see any of us) sounded like those of the pigs’ ^(oo)^. It was quite disturbing but definitely cute and entertaining. We thought of a name that would fit him. We first considered ‘Ichigo’ (Japanese of strawberry) for he was as sweet as the province’s strawberries. But we had come out of a better and more meaningful name, we baptized him as LIGHT. He was named as such because of his light fur that seemed to be glowing. We never knew that his name would become more meaningful later on.

We traveled 6 hours on our way back home. He was wearing a diaper and was sleeping most of the time. Whenever he wakes up he would start playing the hairs of the ‘walis tambo’ (a signature pasalubong from Baguio). It was really amazing that this 1.5 month old puppy survived such a long ride and just puked only once. At last! He now got a new home and a new family. He grew fast and became bigger and more playful than ever. His features became prominent. He has his white fluffy fur like that of a Japanese Spitz and his pointed nose of a Corgy. (By the way, Light is a Spitz-Corgy). He spent his time playing with the kids, with us and with Kikay’s (a female Aspin) new puppies. It is a cute fact that Kikay became a surrogate mother to Light. She breastfed light as if he was her own son, but it took quite some time before that happened. We also thought that the saying “You are what you eat” fits Light very well because vegetables were his favorite! Light eats lite! (Maybe because he was from a place where vegetables are abundant). Light also experienced many park visits. We visited UP campus (where he got injured because he jumped off a tree bark), he was also a ‘batang Circle’ because he often visited Quezon City Memorial Circle with the family. Those were the moments when he rode the jeepney with us, sitting on my lap and staring at the other passengers.

 There were really many memories that we shared together, this page is definitely not enough to reminisce and write it all, but I will mention some more. Light used to accompany us when buying food for our midnight snack, he used to accompany us whenever I bet for Lotto, he used to accompany us when withdrawing cash from the ATM. Light’s all time favorites were buns, vegetables, rice with tuna oil and fish. Light really eats lite… Lite foods, lite diet, lite amount. He loves to put his head or body on someone’s foot then rub it against him. He used to spread his legs to ask for a rub and hated it very much when his balls were squeezed. He loves to play his rubber and silicon ball toys. He used to bite Kikay’s ears or paws to provoke her for a play. He used to chase the cats and the kids, bully Jelo (another Aspin pup) and eat his own fleas. (Disgusting). He was used to be bullied by a ‘sigang aso’ outside the house. The other dogs used to follow him and smell his behind to check if he’s a girl. He was very jealous whenever we play/cuddle Kikay or the other dogs. He also had my bling bling that I used to wear. But these memories slowly faded when he got sick. He got weak, had fever, cough and colds and later on started to chatter and drool. It was indeed a hard time for him and for us. He strongly battled his illness for almost 3 weeks (He managed to survive longer than the number of days left for him as assessed by a vet through phone). We were not able to bring him to a veterinarian because we have no money at that time, but we did our best to provide him medications, vitamins and supplements. 

We aided him in his battle and never left him. His battle worsens. Pain struck our hearts whenever we see him suffer. His guardian already bid him goodbye while crying a few days before my graduation. Light was really, really weak at that moment, I even thought that it was his last night. But I told Light to please hold on a little more until my graduation. And he did. He continued his battle but it’s too painful already to see him in that way. We told him to rest already because he was too tired. On April 1st’s morning, I played with him, and thanked him for waiting for my graduation and then told him to surrender his fight. I told him “Light, pahinga ka na, mashado ka na nahihirapan.” (“It’s time to take a rest Light, you must have been suffering a lot by now.”) And then when I left the house, Light breathed his last breath on that same morning.

Now, the light has faded into the dark. His presence illuminated the days of our lives that we spent with him, his presence brought light and joy to all of us. Light lights up our lives, our moments together, and our family. His being playful, his bark, his company, his smile will forever be remembered and will eternally stay in our hearts. His memories will continue to provide us with light. I am sure that Light lived a happy life, I know it is the reason why he kept on fighting until the end, he wanted to stay with us and grow old with us. Thank you light for your love and for all the memories. Your one year of stay with us which equates to 8 years in your age was very meaningful. Sorry for our failure, sorry for not bringing you to a vet. We love you LIGHT… Our LIGHT… Always… Shushi, and Hachi, and all the other puppies will now have their kuya...  Wel miss all of you... We will miss you LIGHT...

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