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Monday, 10 November 2014

Top 3 reasons why The Dog Spa & Hotel is simply the best.

I know a lot of people who are having troubles with their dog groomers, some do not know how to follow instructions, while some will pretend that they can groom the dog even if they really can't.

I have been a loyal customer of The Dog Spa & Hotel ever since I brought one of my dogs to them 2 years ago. I've also wrote an article about that experience and you can read it here.

They currently have 7 branches and I always bring my dogs on their Congressional and Fisher Mall branch.

Now let me give you the reasons why I believe that The Dog Spa & Hotel is simply the best.

1. They have Expert Groomers. 

When I say Expert. I mean EXPERT. They are real, and not just a bunch of posers. I brought Armani to them because his coat is already matted, it was actually my fault because I wanted him to look like Halo the Standard Poodle of Taiwan, I didn't realized that it's actually hard to maintain. I actually thought that the groomer will just shave his coat.

But because they are experts, the groomer decided to give him a make over. And I was really happy with the result.

Halo, the Standard Poodle of Taiwan. Photo source: https://www.facebook.com/standardpoodleHaLo
2. The owners and staffs of The Dog Spa & Hotel are Dog People. 

They even have a display of Pepito's picture in every branch. I was lucky to meet him in person during the opening of their Fisher Mall branch, I can say that he is one handsome Pomeranian.

Dog people will always prioritize the welfare of each and every canine, that's the main reason why I only trust The Dog Spa & Hotel in terms of my dogs grooming needs.


My Doggies. They are all The Dog Spa & Hotel babies

This is my beloved Pomeranian named Margaux
This is Chase, and he loves The Dog Spa & Hotel
3. The Dog Spa & Hotel offers this homey and comfy environment for both humans and canines. 

Yes, they have a Chandelier.

My dog Armani at the grooming area

Congressional Branch

Here are some of their celebrity clients.
Anne Curtis-Smith
Ms. Lea Salonga

Christine Reyes
John Lloyd Cruz

For more information, kindly check the following.

You can contact them thru:

Telephone Number: 709 4970, 09178512287

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  1. Cool! :) After searching for a long, long time for good groomers, I found them in Greenhills! The Dog Spa groomers are simply better than the rest. I totally agree with your article. And I'd like to add that although they look expensive with the chandelier & airconditioned place, their rates are very affordable! Pet parents should give them a try! -- from Ramon the maltese, Ciara the english bulldog and Siomai the shih tzu.


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