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Thursday, 7 May 2015

6 Things to Get for a Dog Mom on Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and those with kids of the human variety will likely be showered with gifts like cards, brunches, personalized artwork, spa days, and maybe a relaxing bubble bath while the kids clean your house. But if someone you know is a dog mom, it should be a day for them to celebrate with their four-legged children as well.
Since Fido probably isn’t going to be taking them out to brunch (though you know he would happily do so if he could), here are some fun suggestions to help the dog mom in your life enjoy Mother’s Day with her pups.

Subscribe to Barkbox. Everyone likes getting things in the mail, and with Barkbox, her regular walk to the mailbox will be even more fun.She’ll have the added surprise of getting interesting toys and treats for her canine pals. Every month the pup will get a box of goodies, and she’ll get new things to spoil him with.

Play dress up.While dog parents are divided on clothing for their pooches – some think they’re adorable, while others despise them – if your dog mom is in the former camp, getting a new wardrobe for her furry girl can be a winning idea. Bonus points if you take the time to dress the dog up in her new fashionable duds.

Let Fido play model. What’s better than dressing up your dog mom’s pooch? Taking pictures of this little fashion show! Dog moms love to share photos of their four-legged babies, and if you go the extra mile and have a real, professional photo shoot done, she’ll probably be talking about your gift for years to come. Whether or not you use dog clothes, this can be a fantastic present that allows her to show off the pooch she loves.

Install Wagtailon her phone. Does your dog mom continuously take pictures of her pup and post them on Facebook? Maybe she needs a place dedicated to dog lovers. Enter Wagtail, a mobile community for dog parents where you can post about every second of your pup’s day, friend other dogs, connect with nearby dog parents, find helpful tips and advice, and more. The app is totally free and endlessly enjoyable. Set it up for her, and start her off by sharing those professional photos of her dog you had taken!

Buy matching jewelry. Earrings, necklaces, and other kinds of jewelry have been a Mother’s Day staple for generations, and sometimes kids even buy matching or connecting jewelry so they can wear it “together” with mom. Well, why not try this with her canine child? Earrings may be out, but you can still get something that attaches to her dog’s collar and shows how connected they are. If the matching idea doesn’t work for you, dog-themed jewelry is also fun.

Give them a night out. Do a little research in your area and find some dog-friendly spots that they can enjoy together, then pony up to let them have some fun together. Maybe this means a restaurant that serves both two- and four-legged guests. Or a hotel that not only accepts dogs, but provides them with treat bags when they arrive. There are all kinds of dog-friendly establishments popping up, so even if you think nothing like this exists near you, it’s worth digging around for ideas.
Other great Mother’s Day gifts for dog moms include toys, accessories, and treats for her pups or even a donation to a local animal shelter. Think about what the dog mom in your life likes to do with her pooch and gift accordingly!

Juliana Weiss-Roessler is a freelance writer based in Austin, TX. Learn more about her at WRWriting.com.  

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